Partnering Up?, an online credit report service, has become partners with ScoreApprove to create a service for real estate agents and their potential customers. This seems like the right move considering both companies’ dedication to serving their consumers and sterling track record. It seems that the goal of the partnership is in developing a new set of […]

Why Renters Insurance Matters: Randi Glazer

The phone rang and on the other end was a close friend of mine, sobbing quietly into the phone. Her new apartment had been burglarized and her brand new expensive camera was now gone forever. It’s incredibly unsettling and violating to be burglarized. What adds insult to injury is she didn’t have renters insurance. What […]

Digital Products Are Changing The Landscape of Finance

Finance, both personal and otherwise, has long been an esoteric field, its intricacies walled off from those on the outside. But the way people consume financial services is changing, with ever-expanding digital capabilities more and more accessible. Writing for TechCrunch, Pierre Brais, argues that the stranglehold that the old world of large financial institutions has […]